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Industries Served

Witness partners with many companies to deliver products that enhance safety, improve well-being, and play a critical role in consumer goods. Learn how we can assist with your industry’s unique product needs today.


The automotive industry is one of our primary, largest markets. Parts we inspect, clean, or finish must offer longevity and be free of defects that could compromise safety and function. Consider us when you need high-quality parts that help streamline your entire automotive manufacturing process.

  • Air Bag Components

  • Transmission Springs

  • Anti-Lock Brake Systems

  • Seat Belt Latches

  • Fuel Line Connectors

  • Door Handle Pins

  • Side Impact Spacers

  • Ball Joint Housings

  • Side Mirror Attachments


With furniture assembly, it's all about fit and function. The industry's demand for complex, customized pieces continues to rise. So Witness provides the inspection and cleaning to ensure everything comes together correctly— and can offer the right reinforcement.

  • Fasteners

  • Cubicle Hardware

  • Drawer Slide Components


Witness inspects a number of crucial components for appliances, ranging from refrigerators to dishwashers. Here, our focus is on ease of assembly versus safety. We check function and performance to assure customers every part properly supports their innovation and technology.

  • Refrigeration Condensors

  • Drive Gears

  • Compression Fittings

  • Thread Caps

  • Elbow Fittings


Efficiency and precision are more important than ever, especially in the hardware industry. At Witness, we look at parts for assembly kits, capturing any discrepancies and confirming consistency in size, shape, and more.

  • Adjustable Shelving Components

  • Nuts and Bolts

  • Screws

  • Cabinet Assembly Verification


From dental rings to surgical pins, we inspect a variety of parts that are delivered to hospitals, dental offices, and medical supply firms. These products are vital for patient safety and procedures, so we take extra care to ensure components are both precise and reliable.

  • Disposable Heart Monitors

  • Dental Rings

  • Surgical Pins

  • Springs