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Our Approach

Why Witness

Witness takes a comprehensive approach to inspection, washing, and finishing. We work with you to determine the best method for certifying good parts, whether it's fully automated inspection, human inspection, or a unique hybrid of services.

"Witness equipment is not only more effective than the human eye, but it’s also better than similar sorting technologies. We haven’t had any complaints from customers since we made them responsible for our parts."

Mark Drooger, Precision Metal Products

“For our customers, even one or two defective parts in a shipment of a million pieces is unacceptable. Since we started working with Witness, their performance has been phenomenal. We haven’t had a single problem, and the process has been highly versatile and extremely accurate.”

Local Stamping Company

“With Witness, it’s more efficient and less expensive. Our parts are much more accurate, too. We’ve cut our labor costs by 80 percent and we haven't received a return or complaint on anything that they've done for us.”


“Out of 30 suppliers, one customer moved us up to number three after we started using Witness. They've helped us improve our customer relationships, so we recommended them to our own suppliers as well.”

Jim Schuster, Warmington Industries

Parts Per Week

Our Capabilities

  • Gross Damage

  • Foreign Material

  • Presence/Absence

  • Lamination

  • Inside Diameter

  • Outside Diameter

  • Height

  • Plugged Holes

  • Angles

  • Length

  • Missing Threads

  • Missing Holes

  • Flash

  • Roundness

  • Short Shots

  • Mixed Parts

  • Drum Washing

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning

  • Belt Washing

  • De-rusting

  • Packaging

  • Labeling

  • Vibratory Deburring

  • Tote Washing

Quality Commitment

Witness uses a team approach to meet and exceed customer expectations. We continually develop, maintain, and improve the performance and process interactions of man and machine. And we focus on delivering practical, timely solutions through high-quality products and services — all at competitive prices.