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Whether it’s high volume routed jobs or one-time, low volume projects, Witness accommodates all types of cleaning challenges. We have the dedicated equipment and flexibility to clean and dry many types of metals or plastics, everything from brass to stainless steel. Our versatile machines provide a full range of process possibilities to remove soils and promote optimum metal finishes.

Witness has the experience and capabilities to clean almost any part and any material. We take a partnership approach to determine what process will work best for you and your product. Our Ultrasonic, Drum, or Belt Washers can service what you need cost-effectively, guaranteeing your parts are ready for the next step in the supply chain. And our derusting services remove extreme corrosion from multiple materials.

  • Ultrasonic Washers

  • Belt Washers

  • Drum Washers

  • Rust Removal

  • Citric Acid Passivation


Proper cleaning of parts ensures a product is ready to go-to-market. With our Drum washers, we can clean a high volume of parts and offer an exceptionally fast turnaround. Belt washers are ideal for cleaning larger parts and limit the damage from part-on-part contact. We also bring de-rusting capabilities for parts large or small, high or low volume. Our Ultrasonic washers are perfect for parts that require gentle handling or must meet high cleanliness standards.

Our Process

Step 1: Learn the Details

To start, we need a print and the material type of your product.

Step 2: Request Documentation

We request documentation of any special handling or packaging requirements.

Step 3: Outline the Process

We determine the best cleaners and the most effective process to achieve the desired end results.

Step 4: Monitor Process Controls

During cleaning, wash parameters are monitored to verify proper soap concentration, rust inhibitor concentration, spray pressures and temperatures.

Step 5: Final Inspection

When finished, we audit the product to ensure it meets all your demands.