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Witness knows machine vision inspection is the most reliable and cost-effective method in today’s market. Since 1998, we’ve used our specialty solution to verify high-quality parts for a multitude of industries.

Smart. Accurate. Foolproof. Our inspection process leaves no room for mistakes. As our industry has evolved, we’ve learned to merge techniques to increase efficiencies and improve your cost of service. Whether it’s traditional hand sorting, fully automated inspection, or a custom combination, our team determines the right solution to guarantee a flawless product for your customers.

  • Fully Automated Vision Inspection Machines

  • Semi-Automated Vision Inspection Machines

  • Hand Fed Vision Inspection Machines

  • Visual and Machine Vision Inspection Machine

  • Visual Inspection

Benefits of Service

Simply put, Witness solves the inspection challenges others can't. After years of developing our process and creating dedicated, in-house teams, we know what it takes to certify zero defects. While this often begins with human inspection, we recommend our full range of services to ensure good parts—and eliminate any potential for human error.

Our Process

Step 1: Provide the Criteria

First, send us a print and the criteria for your product inspection.

Step 2: Review the Details

After reviewing your print, we'll need defective samples, all the criteria for inspection and verified good parts. We'll also need the volumes, any special handling requirements, and packaging and labeling requirements.

Step 3: Findings + Quote

Next, we'll present our findings, along with solution recommendations and a quote.

Step 4: Client Contact

Once the quote is accepted, our customer service and logistics teams will contact the client to confirm scheduling requirements and shipping needs.