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Vibratory Finishing & Deburring

Witness operations expanded in 2018 by adding new facilities for mass finishing. Our advanced equipment is used to burnish, polish, deburr, or descale and is an optimal method for general cleaning purposes. These machines provide fast surface improvement and are capable of producing bright finishes on all metals.

Our tumbling and vibratory finishing operations allow us to drastically improve the surface of parts. By using our mass finishing equipment, many media types and vibratory compounds, we can guarantee parts for safe handling, from edge breaking, and more. The Witness team is committed to understanding your materials and outlining a process to achieve rapid, customized finishing results.

  • Part-on-Part Vibratory Finishing

  • Steel Media Vibratory Finishing

  • Ceramic Media Vibratory Finishing

  • Plastic Media Vibratory Finishing

  • Cobb Vibratory Finishing

  • Vibratory Finishing with Washing


Vibratory finishing offers many advantages. The process ensures less wear and tear on your parts, increasing overall durability and general output. It's cost-effective and non-labor intensive. And most importantly, it creates a smoother surface, and an accurate, controllable, and uniform standard finish for a component.

Our Process

Step 1: Select Media

The correct size, shape, and material media is selected based on the degree of cut, required smoothness, and desired luster.

Step 2: Start the System

Next, an automated pump system introduces a unique chemical compound into the vibratory bowl. This solution helps clean and provides lubricity to flush soils away.

Step 3: Insert Parts

Parts are gently loaded into our specially designed vibratory finishing machine. A semi-automatic control panel ensures each load is processed consistently.

Step 4: Achieve The Desired Finish

Once machines are activated, submerged parts move in a circular direction, forcing the parts, media, and treated water to collide and produce the desired finish.