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Who We Are

Our History

Witness was founded out of a need to supply defect-free products both efficiently and cost-effectively.

In 1998, we took a specially designed vision camera and applied it to the sorting process, allowing us to deliver the most accurate parts to all customers. Our state-of-the-art inspection systems led to greater accuracy and repeatability, expanding our services beyond human operators.

Eventually, our customers required inspection equipment in their facilities. So we built vision-based equipment to meet strict quality standards and function in many industrial environments. We successfully married the need for complex vision technology with the need for flexibility and ease of use. And since then, we’ve added washing and finishing capabilities to offer enhanced solutions that outperform our competitors.

Over 20 years later, Witness remains a strategic partner in the industrial supply process. At our headquarters in Zeeland, we work with countless companies each week to inspect, clean, and finish over 5 million-plus parts—on time, without exception.

Our Mission + Values

To make a positive, lasting impact on our employees, communities, customers and the world.

At Witness, we act as a family because we're a family business. We're rooted in traditional principles and committed to constant innovation. So we've established the following core values to shape a healthy, vibrant, and growing culture for years to come.



We have an attitude of gratitude. We're grateful for all God has provided and search for ways to give back. We look for opportunities to make an impact at the personal, company and community levels. We also appreciate the differences and diversity that make us individually unique and stronger as a team.



We rely on each other to get the job done. We count on each other to be consistent and dependable. We establish trustworthy and repeatable services and processes. And we provide unwavering high quality in all that we do.



We take ownership of our mistakes. We own what we do and are proud of what we offer. And we take a “lead by example” approach to every job at hand.



We're willing to try a new approach and tackle any challenges that come our way. We're ready to serve others and our community. We're open to experimenting and finding new, better processes. And we always choose to believe the best in people.



When one fails, we all fail. We work together to accomplish tasks and solve problems. We recognize and promote individual talent for the collective success of our organization. We build trust in our performance as a team. But most importantly, we have fun and celebrate our achievements.



We work hard and are proud of what we do. We give it our all every day, for the benefit of our families, company, and community. We believe failure is never an option, so we go the extra mile and give the extra effort when needed. And we build trust in our performance, both internally with each other and externally with our customers.

Employee Development Commitment

Witness provides extensive training to make sure every employee excels and succeeds. We offer on-site corporate care counselors to assist with any issues—at home or on the job. Because for us, it's important to take a holistic approach to understanding our team and help them feel supported and valued.

Our Team

  • Jessica Brouwer

  • Ryan Brouwer

    Vice President
  • Michael Bauman

    Plant Manager
  • Fran Bell-Shanahan

  • Josh Lamer

    Customer Service
  • Troy Kuiken

  • Alma Ricker

    Human Resources
  • Dylan Davis

  • Blake Doornbos

  • Ashley Murphy

  • Sandra Torres